Monday, January 17, 2011

Week of January 17th Links and Comments here!

Please if you have music you want to share post it here!!!
I have one link for today...this band has been growing in popularity because of some appearances on One Tree Hill.  La Rocca from Ireland is a wonderful alternative band that take a sort of different turn from the bigger known U2.


I have created this page because I feel as if there are many great bands and artists that no one really hears about.  So if you are one of the above mentioned it would be great if we could all hear your music...links would be great, or if you know of any awesome bands again links would be great(please lets try to minimize the bands we hear on the radio often).  And don't forget to become a follower!  Enjoy and I hope we all hear some great music.  I will be updating every week with a new song with links to the bands page and upcoming shows.